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Hints to Writing a Three Act Structure Story

How your writing ideas progress throughout is what gives the structure of either a play or a story. The model which a fiction narrative employs in dividing a story into three parts namely confrontation, setup and resolution, is called a three act structure. Within the first part of the story, characters are exposed to the audience. Proper story building takes part in the second part which is also known as the rising action part. In the climax or third part of a story, question answering occurs here. The importance of three act structure in a story is that the important story aspects are well understood through studying the elements of the story and the structure of fiction. It may also be important as the readers may also be encouraged to writing their own fictional stories. Therefore, for those aspiring to be story writers, it is advisable to make good use of three act structure in your writing so as to motivate readers too. Here’s how to write a three act structure play for your audience.

An important tip when writing a three act structure play for your audience is giving them what they want. Understanding the wants of the audience may be sometimes complicated. The audience subconsciously has expectations of the things that may happen in certain parts of a story. The audience may remain stuck in a play till the end because the three act structure opens up the information so easily that they forget it is to come. For a story which has employed three act structure, audience’s emotions become real through the actions of the protagonist and the main characters.

When writing a three act structure play it is important to encompass two main things. These are the content of your story and the form you use to give out your story to your audience. When using a three act structure, it is good to consider the flow of your story and the plot.

Proper pacing is another factor to consider when writing a three act structure play. Good pacing of your story keeps the audience in their edges of the seats. Expectations of what may happen in the next scenes are increased when the pace of your story is fast enough.

When writing a three act structure play, it is good to ensure that you use scenes for writing your play. For every scene that is written, there should be a clear overall goal. You should describe your location vividly. Something about a specific character should be mentioned in the scene. A good scene gives the audience real information about your overall story.

Another factor to consider when writing a three act structure play is the outline of your play.

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