Social Security: Your Future

Social Security has been around since 1935 and was set up to aid the elderly in their autumn years. Over its lifetime, other types of social security have come into existence. The most hot-button one of all is Social Security Disability. The number of people trying to get Social Security Disability has soared in recent years and with an already stretched budget, many are being denied the benefits they deserve. Social security is in trouble and it is predicted that the fund will be depleted by the year 2033. If you are reading this post, then you may be someone who has had their social security denied. If that is the case, then read on to learn what steps you can take to fight back.

Your first step is to speak to a lawyer. There are many SSDI lawyers who are specialized in fighting social security through the appeals process and can walk you through the process. So, if you are in the Chicago area and need a lawyer, then open google now and search for “social security lawyer Chicago IL

Your friendly and dedicated lawyer will help you build your case by asking you how long you have been disabled, when and who assessed your disability, how long you waited to apply for your disability and a boatload of other questions.

After building a case, your lawyer will ask you to go back to your doctor for an assessment that he or she can attach to your case. If you have been denied, they may suggest you be seen by a Social Security approved doctor for an assessment based on social security guidelines. This can sometimes have a favorable outcome and avoid any future litigation to get your SSDI.

If you must go to court for your SSDI claim, you will be questioned by a judge and all parties will present their cases for or against, to the courts for a judgment. If you are found to be fit, then you will not get your disability. If you are found to be disabled based on the evidence, then you will be granted your disability and may even be lucky enough to receive backdated pay. The judgment can take months to come in, so it is important to be patient and keep in touch will your lawyer. If the outcome is not favorable, you do have the right to appeal but the lawyer will work with you to help you understand if that is a feasible option. When it comes to dealing with Social Security, it can be a stressful and complex process, so it is best to get a lawyer if you can, most work on no win no fee so there is no harm in having someone in your corner.

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