Advantages of Hiring the Local Pest Control Company

All may appear well outside and inside your home, but pests and rodents may be hiding just out of reach and literally eating away at your investment without you having a clue. The advantage of hiring a local pest control company is they have the experience to be able to identify warning signs of an infestation and take action swiftly to rid your home of these critters. Here are a few reasons to consider calling in the pest control company Temecula CA specialists today.

Finding Signs of an Infestation

The first thing the pest control team will do when they arrive at your property is looking for signs that insects or rodents are already inside your house. The technicians will go into the attic, the basement, and throughout the house, looking for signs these intruders are already working behind the scenes to destroy your house. In the attic, the technician could be looking for rat droppings or urine stains in the insulation, chew marks on the wood beams, or nesting materials in the corners of the area. Outside, the team is looking for mud trails on the house that the termites use to travel from the ground into your home. Once the warning signs have been detected, the team begins working on removing the pests.

Identifying How Pests Got in Your Home

Removing the pests at this point would only result in others coming back, so the pest control team is going to identify how these pests got into the house and stop them there first. If the mice are squeezing through a tiny crack in the foundation, the pest control team will consult with the homeowner about sealing these openings to stop the pest from getting in and out of your home. These pests need to exit to get water and food, so once it is sealed they are either trapped inside or stuck outside. With termites, setting up bait stations outside kill the colony before they get in your home.

Trapping the Pests and Removing Them

Now that the entry points have been identified and sealed, the pest control team needs to locate the ones inside the house before they do any more damage. Termites can live for five years in one location, literally turning the supports of your home into sawdust. Traps will be set to catch squirrels, rats, or mice. In the case of termites, the pest control team will use bait that the colony bring to the queen and feed the babies. The poison will eventually wipe out the entire colony and rid your home of these wood-destroying insects. The team will return to check on the progress and make certain no more damage is being done.

By allowing the pest control team to carefully inspect your home for signs of an infestation, they can quickly take action to protect your property now and moving forward. Setting up a regular schedule for inspections is the best way to ensure these pests do not return to your house any time soon.

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