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What You Need to Know about American Disabilities Act Signs

The ADA is an act in the US which is known as the Americans with Disability Act and it is mandated to all business people to comply with it. The role of the act is to prevent the persons with disabilities from discrimination and was enacted in the year 1990. The introduction of this law was of great help to people with disabilities because before then there were some things they would not engage in.

The ADA sign is one of the tools in this act that favors people with disabilities. Indoors, outdoors, bathrooms, parking spaces, public areas and other places of importance need to have all the ADA signs. Most business people feel very difficult to follow all the ADA rules but that should not be a problem because there are consultants of compliance who can easily help them out. The work of the compliance consultants is to help you create the ADA signs. The signs can be customized without going against the rules by making them in different colors, shapes, textures and even sizes as long as they do not break any rule.

Some of the place signs in the ADA that can be customized include the bathroom signs, parking signs and the elevator signs. The importance of all these signs is to make the disabled people feel comfortable when doing some activities in public places and other important areas. If you obey the act and do as it says then it clearly depicts how much you care and mind the safety of the disabled people.

There are some rules that need to be followed when fixing these ADA signs and here are some of the rules. As you are installing the signs make sure they are easy to read. The easy to read rule applies to both the message and the provided braille system for all the people with visual problems or rather the blind people. The signs should not have any glare because it might be difficult for the ones with visual impairment to read. A good example is that the old people might not be able to read properly because of the reflection and glare.

It is also important to adhere to the rule of light contrast. The required percentage of darkness to light between the background and image is 70 percent. The color is not a problem when creating these signs but you should make sure that the letters are visible with the color you choose. The reason why you should use the right contrast is to make sure that the characters can be differentiated from the background image. To avoid penalization, it is good to follow all the ADA sign rules.

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