Value Addition to HVAC Maintenance by Plumbing

HVAC maintenance refers to the expertise of regulating indoor and vehicular environments in terms of thermal regulation, humidity, and air quality. It is based on several principles of thermodynamics, heat transfer and mechanics. HVAC maintenance services are important in both residential and commercial or industrial areas such as hospitals, hotels, water vessels and apartments. Other aspects such as refrigeration and plumbing are at times included in the HVAC maintenance regime. While all the HVAC components are interrelated, the plumbing service will often come in conjunction with the heating services rather than the ventilation and air conditioning.

Heating in HVAC maintenance is biphasic in that it involves heat generation and distribution. Generation of heat will be by use of solid, liquid and gas fuels, and at times use of electricity. Distribution will involve the use of water and air. This is where plumbing and HVAC maintenance becomes interrelated. Plumbing refers to the system of pipes, tanks, and fittings that are needed for water supply, heating, and sanitation. Piping is used to distribute the heat from the source to various rooms in a house or an apartment. Should any damage result, then the plumber is able to come in to repair these systems.

HVAC maintenance could also interrelate with plumbing in the event that indoor air quality is affected by a blocked sewerage system or drainage system that is causing bad odor within the indoor environment. In such instances, ventilation and air conditioning are not sufficient to control the problem which could in a few cases result in diseases to occupants, and therefore a plumber will be required to fix such a problem.

HVAC technicians primarily deal in installation and maintenance of air conditioning, heating, and duct systems. They also ensure proper connection of heating and cooling systems to fuel and water lines and measure the energy efficiency of the HVAC systems. They focus on indoor air quality maintenance and thermal regulation. Plumbers on the other hand install and repair pipe systems, fixtures and hot water heaters. They maintain proper working conditions of the drainage and sewerage systems as well. Both are needed for an efficient HVAC system to run. One can, however, be able to have an HVAC technician that is equally trained in plumbing and is, therefore, more effective when it comes to maintenance services.

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Preventive maintenance of HVAC systems is paramount in maintaining the durability of the system. Searching for service providers that also offer plumbing services is highly recommended for an effective servicing of your HVAC system. Servicing also ensures mitigation against failure at extremely crucial hot and cold seasons in addition to preventing energy wastage by improving efficiency.

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