Ultimate Pest Control Tips: Basic Repelling Tips Against Insects

Insects are always considered as pests, except for butterflies and earthworms. Insects such as cockroaches, mosquitoes, fire ants and termites are troublemakers in one’s household. If they can’t bring any diseases and germs to anybody, they will bring frustration as they might damage the home. But what’s worse about these pests is that they breed way too fast and unnoticeable due to their size. If a pest manages to thrive on a house, they will surely multiply until the house becomes a breeding ground that’s too uncontrollable.

Gladly, there are services such as the service for pest control Manchester NH has for its clients. But some may not prefer this due to the huge cost that it has. That’s why the best resident must be prepared all the time if they want to avoid paying for pest control services in Manchester. What’s best is to learn how to repel them instead. Here are the most famous and most effective tips for getting rid of them:

Don’t Use Scented Toiletries

Before anything else, remember that scented toiletries are doing the opposite effect of attracting insects. Be sure to avoid these products at all costs.

Citrus Fruits

Even ordinary ants hate the scent of lemon and sour oranges. Natural mosquito repellents are usually made of citrus fruits, particularly sourer ones like lemon and lime. Some even concoct their own citronella oil out of these fruits by boiling any type of citrus fruit, combined with mint herbs as its basic preparation method. These oils are also good for the skin, and it avoids any mosquitoes from biting.

Use Herbs

Herbal plants have properties that can repel insects as well. Rosemary is one of the strong-scented plants that can be used for repelling mosquitoes and flies away. It can be mixed with the citronella oil to boost the fragrance of the repellent. Peppermint and spearmint are two of the strong-scented repellents that’s good for both indoor and outdoor purposes. These can be applied as a natural repellent by crushing the mint leaves and smearing them on the skin or on any areas or holes where insects may come out from. Basil is also a fragrant herb that’s known to get rid of any type of insect once its crushed leaves are applied. Lemongrass is a good addition to herbal repellent mixtures, too.

Flowers Also Work

Some flowers are fragrant enough to repel bugs outside the house as well. Lavender’s soothing scent is something that bugs can’t stand. Marigold is a rare repellent that wards a huge number of bugs including hornworms and squash bugs that may eat crops on the garden.

Coconut Oil

This beauty product is also an advisable product against insects. These can be applied on a spray bottle to serve as a potent spray that can humanely repel the insects away from the house. Some people also have the knowledge to create one at home just like how citronella oil is done.


Garlic is known to have a very potent smell that some humans can’t even stand as well. This is great for almost any type of insect that wishes to invade the house. Just sprinkle some crushed garlic bits or garlic powder on the desired area, and goodbye bugs!

There are more than just the following that anyone can use for natural repellent solutions at home, and all of these are guaranteed cheap. Insects are really unnecessary to become a part of the house as they will just increase in numbers while pestering anyone who sees them inside the household. But some may find it inhumane to kill them using sprays or bug zappers. That’s why it’s best to apply repellents instead in order to get rid of them. But if there is no other choice remaining, or if these pests manage to thrive to the point of stubborn multiplication, pest control may be the perfect solution to end the problem for good.

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