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How to Make a Proper Passport application

There are more Americans with passports now than there were a few years back. This is seen when you look at the number of passport owners now and that of two decades back. This is not an indication of a simpler process. The application still expects you to be keen. Making mistakes only means longer acceptance delays. That may not be ideal for someone who already has travel plans. Here is a guide on how to go about your passport application process.

The form DS 11 is an important one in this process. This applies to first time applicants, underage applicants, or those renewing whose first application was done when they were underage. In case your passport got lost, stolen, damaged, or issued more than fifteen years ago, you need to fill it. You shall discover more details on how to handle the form filling here.

You should also produce proof of your citizenship. You can use the expired passport. Those that are in a foreign language need to be translated. You can also present your birth certificate, as well as a certificate of Naturalization or Citizenship. You need to have clear copies of these sent. Sending the originals is risking them getting lost.

You need to then give proof of identity. You need to make proper copies following the guidelines of the same if you are mailing the application documents. Do not miss this step or the application shall be rejected. You can use a government employee ID, military ID, or a Green Card.

There is also the need for you to list any special circumstances. Those who are underage or have an underage person in their party need to state this. You need to also state if you owe child support. You need to also state any gender designation change. The same applies to traveling in an official diplomatic capacity.

Your application should include two passport photos. You shall get one back as they only use one on the passport. The photos must be professionally taken.
You should then prepare the processing fees. They have different charges for a passport book and a passport card, for kids as well as for adults. You can pay for whichever you wanted.

You have the first option of downloading the forms DS 11 and filling them out, then attaching the documents and copies needed, before mailing them for processing. You also have the other option of taking all the necessary details down to the processing agency and have it filled. You shall then have the passport ready in four to six weeks. But you can expedite this process. Expediting is normally considered by those who cannot postpone their travel plans. This service is however not cheap.

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