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Working with PBMC or peripheral blood mononuclear cell samples can really be tricky. There are a lot of PBMC users that will manually count their PBMC using light microscopy and hemacytometer. But you need to know that standard light microscopy does not have the capability of distinguishing the difference between the red blood cells and leukocytes. This manual method will result to an over-reported viability and concentration determination of the sample. And the biconcave shape of the red blood cells addition will only be identified using a trained operator, a special optical setup, and a focusing technique. There is one more challenge when it comes to the samples of PBMC which is they tend to be different from sample to sample when it comes to the platelet and RBC contamination. This will add only to the complexity of that you need to set up in order to simply and quickly measure viability and count PBMCs.

There are still so many PBMC users that are still using light microscopy and hemacytometer to count PBMCs manually.

Take note that standard light microscopy does not consistently know RBCs from the leukocyte.

You can identify the biconcave shape of the red blood cells by using a focusing technique, trained operator, and special optical setup.

The PBMCs or peripheral blood mononuclear cells are important parts of the immune system and can be used in a number of clinical applications that is why it is important for you to know where you can buy PBMCs. There are many benefits that you will get if you will buy PBMCs and those will be discussed in this article.

Buying PBMC will no longer require a patient to experience a long-term immunosuppressive therapy or anesthesia.

PBMCs can help in fighting infections, protect the body versus invading pathogens, and can provide an insight into responses of the immune system.

There are some PBMCs that are progenitor cells and can vary into other different cells like epithelial cells, myofibroblasts, blood cells, and neural cells. These features of the PBMCs will allow it in the to be effective in applications for tissue regeneration.

In order to maximize the sample viability and intergrity, the PBMCs should be carefully purified and isolated. The most common ways to isolate the PBMCs from the blood are the density gradient centrifugation and Leukapheresis.

The leukapheresis is the preferred method used in clinical applications in order to isolate the PBMCs from the patietns. You can isolate safely a large number of PBMCS from the peripheral blood with the use of automated apheresis machine that can extract certain components of the blood from the patient and will return the remaining components to the blood circulation. This process reduce the risk of contamination from other people, and will allow the storage of the isolated cells in liquid nitrogen to be used in the future.

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