Providing the Best Siding to Weatherproof a Home

Wall cladding also called siding is a protective material placed on the exterior walls of a building to protect the walls from the elements. Once the exterior walls are protected from the sun, rain or snow, the interiors of the house are weatherproof and comfortable to live in. Siding also protects the house from damage caused by storms.


Early siding was made of thatch and this type of siding is still used in many countries. Thatch siding is not weatherproof or fireproof. In the 1900s, siding was made of wood, shingles, veneers or aluminum. These materials served the purpose but did not offer long term weatherproofing. In the 1950s vinyl siding was introduced and as a more durable weatherproofing material including for siding. Manufacturers made improvements to vinyl cladding material and it soon became and remains the preferred material for siding today.


Siding shields a home or building from damage caused by weather. For example, Blaine MN is prone to heavy hailstorms that could damage the exterior walls of a building and cause water seepage and damage to the interior of a house. The siding protects homes and other buildings from exterior storm damage Blaine MN. Siding also protects walls from dirt, mildew and insects. When a home or building has poor siding then the wood starts rotting, mold grows, and general damage is caused to the interior walls of the building. Good siding keeps the home healthy for residents.

When does one need new siding?

One must periodically check siding to ensure that the building is protected from the elements. When siding starts warping, it is time to change the siding. When the paint or wallpaper in the interior walls starts peeling, it is a sign that the exterior walls are not adequately protected and the siding needs replacement. If one notices mildew in the siding, it is a sign that it is no longer serving its purpose of protecting the interior walls and needs replacement.

Materials used for siding 

A wide range of materials are used for siding. Siding made of wood, wood shingles, horizontal rows of wooden planks called clapboard, wooden sheets, stone, stone or masonry veneer, asphalt, metal including steel or aluminum and plastic are used to protect the interior walls of homes and other buildings. Insulated siding made of polystyrene is used because it is durable and energy efficient.


When choosing siding, one should keep these considerations in view. Siding material should be durable, energy efficient and easy to install and maintain. Once the homeowner makes a choice of siding material they should choose a good professional contractor to place the siding on the exterior wall. Homeowners should ask friends and neighbors and check online reviews before choosing a siding contractor. They should check the previous work of the contractor and ask for their warranty policy. Placing a good and durable siding on walls of a home will ensure that the home will be healthy and consequently very happy for many years.

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