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The Facts on Food Security and Hunger that Make It Worth Considering Subscribing to a Food and Hunger Charity

Earnings are never as enough for a majority of families to provide for their most basic needs. Due to this, a number of these families have as such had to face and make some seriously tough decisions and these have had such serious and devastating consequences at the end of the day. The earnings for a majority of the households only happen to be sufficient for their need to provide for food for week and as such they have to face trouble providing for most of the other essential needs such as paying for utilities and buying of bus fare for them to get to work. Looking at these facts, you can see some of the tough choices that such families have had to face and deal with on a daily basis.

The result of all this is making compromises as their only coping strategy. Going by statistics, the average annual income for a number of the households that are served by the Feeding America network and program is below $10,000. The limited resources available to most of these families have led them to make do with some sure tough choices for them to cope with these tough times that they happen to be facing. Thus you will often find that such families have had to make such tough choices between some of the most basic of needs such as to choose between food and utilities, food and transportation and as well the tough choice between food and medical care. The following are some of the strategies that some of the breadwinners have had to use to cope and stretch their food budgets as far as can be so as to suffice. Some opted for the purchase cheap unhealthy foods, some depend on assistance from friends and family and for some, it sees them water down their foods on drinks.

By and large, the fact that we need to know of and note is that hunger and food insecurity has such a serious impact on one’s health. Should it so happen t be that you happen to be so food insecure, what you are left to face as consequences would be such cases as an increase in your vulnerability to some of the diet-sensitive diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

Plexus and Plexus Charities have come up with such programs that are initiatives with the Feeding America group to help provide food to the deserving population out there.

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